Dr. Seuss stories brought to the stage

By jeannie Lopez

It's not "Green Eggs and Ham," or "The Cat in the Hat" it's "Seussical the Musical." Students around Tulare County come together to perform in the broadway musical to exhibit their talent on stage.

Tulare County Office of Education in conjunction with the Theatre Company has put together a production full of imagination and wonder. Students in grade first through 11th have been given parts as characters from a variety of classic Dr. Seuss books. Characters like Horton the Elephant, a lazy bird named Mayzie or the Who's are only a few of the characters featured in the musical this weekend.

Director Nicole Zweifel has been working with more than 80 kids for last three months. She has been directing the students on choreographed dance moves, acting strategies and their singing abilities. Numerous parent volunteers have also contributed to the performance by helping with props, guiding the students on stage, helping them recite their lines and helping in many more ways to give the audience a wonderful show.

Seussical was created by composer Stephen Flaherty and written by Lynn Ahrens. The Tony Award winning team were recognized for creating a musical full humor and imagination.

"The musical is very interesting and it's fun watching the little kids act," said Exeter High School student Teddy Oldenbourg, playing the part of the cat.

"It's a really big production. I think more people should try out for this kind of stuff," said Christian Brooke of Crestwood Elementary Christian plays Horton the Elephant.

"Seussical the Musical" will surly put everyone in the audience into a dream-like world full of witty, wild fun. Everyone is sure to enjoy a group of talented kids who will show off their bright and energetic acting skills.

Seussical the Musical will be performed at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 6, 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 7 and at 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 8 at El Diamante High School Theatre located at 5100 W. Whitendale in Visalia.

Students from the foothills who will be performing in the musical include Alexandria Aiello, Aubry Passamore, Quinn Mainwaring, Courtney Passamore, Emily Prah, Kaitlin Loeb, William Prah, Ryan Brisco, Noelle Brisco, Teddy Oldenbourg, Victoria Rutherford, Brittany Passamore, Katelyn Lopez, Melody Wise, Christian Long, Lyndsey Long, Dustin Newman and Kayla Hernandez.

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