Lindsay High School

High school is hard for any student to deal with. It's even harder if you don't have the use of your arms or legs.

Since the end of his freshman year, Jeremy Moreno has been paralyzed from the neck down after being diagnosed with bacterial spinal meningitis, which kept him in a coma for several weeks. He spent his sophomore year being home-schooled while he was in therapy and returned to Lindsay High School for his junior and senior years.

"It was a little difficult coming back and being away from home," Moreno said. "But everything has been going well."

Moreno's condition has made him work even harder than the average student. Moreno can't go to school for a full day so often does a little work every day of the week. And because he can't write down notes, almost all of what he has learned is from memorization.

Where others may have found excuses, Moreno found inspiration in his family. His mother, Cathy, goes to school with him every day. "My mother helped me a lot," Moreno said. "She has worked really hard to help me get good grades." His father, Frank, works tirelessly to support the family so that Jeremy's mother can look after him. "I look up to my dad." Jeremy has two siblings, Garrett, 9, and Christina, 16. Moreno said he enjoys spending time with his family and watching his Garrett and his uncle ride motorcycles together.

His favorite teacher at LHS was Nancy Willis. Moreno was taking guitar lessons prior to his paralysis, so last year he again enrolled in Willis' class, not to learn to play, but to learn how to compose music. She started by teaching Jeremy notes and scales, and for homework he must compose melody’s with the notes he has learned. Jeremy must identify the notes and arrange the melody and a nurse writes what he has created on sheet music. Then Cathy will play the melody and if Jeremy doesn’t like something he must change it. It took Jeremy a few days to create his first melody.

"She is fun and a fantastic teacher," Moreno said.

Moreno received the Korsgaden-Jansma Farmers Insurance Scholarship, Presidential Education Award, California Department of Education with honors award, Dollars for Scholars Scholarship, Guideposts Grace Award, Henry Hass Scholarship, and the J.A.M. Scholarship. He is now preparing to begin his first semester at College of the Sequoias this fall. He has not decided on a major but will probably study business.

"I'm nervous but even more exited," Moreno said. "I'm really looking forward to this."

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