Lincoln books community leaders as readers

By Jamie A. Hunt

Walking through the beautifully maintained grounds of Lincoln Elementary School in Lindsay, surrounded by eager children obviously enjoying National Young Readers Day on Tuesday, Nov. 8, was a wonderful experience.

&#8220The children really appreciated being read to by visitors from outside their everyday school experience,” said Bobbi Velasquez, secretary to the Lindsay Superintendent. &#8220It was a joy too see the children's faces light up when they became involved and engaged in a particular story.”

Velasquez read &#8220Diary of a Spider,” an entertaining educational book about a young spiders day; bringing its grandparent to school to read a book and taking wind catching lessons, to Sarah Diaz's first-grade class. Velasquez asked the children questions as she read the story to them and explained the meaning of many of the words and ideas.

Readers were invited to select from a variety of books available in the school's welcoming area, or bring their own favorite books to read.

Tulare County Superintendent of Schools Jim Videk, Lindsay Superintendent Janet Kliegl and other school district employees also participated. Several community leaders, including Lindsay Mayor Ed Murray, City Manager Scott Townsend, took time out of their busy day to drive to Lincoln school and participate in this program that promotes enthusiasm for reading in children, parents and schools.

&#8220I read for a Fourth grade class at Lincoln,” Townsend said. &#8220The class was very attentive and appreciative. As a result, we all had a great time!”

&#8220I thought this event was a nice coordinated effort that afforded adults other than a child’s teacher, the opportunity to promote and instill an enthusiasm for reading,” said Judy Lawsen, speech and language specialist for the district.

Frances Holbrooks, Director of Migrant & Preschool Programs, read &#8220Mean Soup” to Cheri Doria's first grade class, a wonderfully illustrated book that describes difficult situations like anger and frustration in a child's life and helps children learn healthy strategies about expressing needs, wants and feelings

The school participated in the national reading program sponsored by Pizza Hut's &#8220Book It” and Library of Congress Center for the Book, established 15 years ago. Tulare County community leaders and other &#8220celebrities” entered wholeheartedly into the contest and made Lincoln school eligible to win a sponsorship of $1,000 for their library.”

The winners of the random drawing to win $1,000 prizes will be notified by phone and/or certified mail on/or about Dec. 2, said Pizza Huts' Tina Ramke.

Hard work by teachers and staff members made the day a special learning experience for Lincoln's students. Parents Linda and Carlos Garcia, and Cathy Morgan,Secretary at Lincoln Elementary School gave outstanding amounts of time and energy to organize and set-up the very successful and rewarding program.

&#8220Our students were so enthusiastic about this special reading event that it makes all the hard work worthwhile,” Morgan said.

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