Prarie Center 4-H January Report

The regular meeting of the Prairie Center 4-H was held on Tuesday. Jan 2, at Sunnyside School. President Rocky Serna opened the meeting and welcomed everyone and wished them a happy New Year. Faith Leslie led the American flag salute and Aidan Lozano led the 4-H salute. Secretary Brooke Weldon read the minutes of the December meeting; treasurer Kyle Brem gave the treasurer's report. Amy Clifton, Sara Spuhler and Victoria Burkett sang birthday wishes to all of the 4-H babies born in January.

Michelle Della reported on the Blood Bank and requested volunteers to bake cookies for the blood bank for later this month.

Milynn Scheer reported on Horse Skills Day held at the fairgrounds. Tests included tying, saddling, mounting and dismounting.

Calendar of events:

Feb. 3 Favorite Foods Day entries are due

Feb. 14-16 World Expo International Agri-Center in Tulare

Foreign exchange student Olena Biloblovska, from the Ukraine, presented the program for the evening to the 4-H club. She is staying with Mr. and Mrs. Hanger.

Olena talked about the weather in her country and their foods. They do not have many fast foods like we have in the U.S. She talked about education in the Ukraine and how more than two languages are spoken. Elena talked about the government and holidays. New Year's is a bigger celebration in the Ukraine than Christmas, and Valentine's Day is a huge celebration for the teenagers. May 9 is a celebration of Ukrainian independence from Germany where their veterans are honored. July 1 is Kids Day in the Ukraine. Olena shared pictures of her hometown and their flag; it is blue for the blue sky and yellow for the grain fields. Everyone enjoyed Olena's presentation. There were many questions for Olena; What she did for her free time, what she missed about her country, what kind of music she liked, and what she missed the most of her country, (of course she mentioned her family and food!) Great job Olena!

The last action of the evening was the Club Charter Gold Seal Presentation: President Rocky Serna read the following information: Prairie Center 4-H was started in 1930.

The officers of the club set goals each year that they want to achieve during the year. At the end of the year the club submits the Secretary's book with the goals listed and the Treasurer's book for the county to look at and review. Goal seals are given to clubs who accomplish their goals. President Rocky Serna affixed the gold seal on our plaque, and congratulated all of the members of 4-H for achieving their goals. The next regular meeting for Prairie Center 4-H will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at Sunnyside School.

Artie Serna contributed to this report.

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