Pedro Castro works his way to college

By Jamie Hunt

If you could listen to the thoughts of those at the Woodlake High School graduation many would be wondering what life on their own will be like - something senior Pedro Castro has been doing for the last four years.

Since he was 14 years old, Castro has been working different jobs to support himself. He has cleaned tables at restaurants, worked maintenance at the Woodlake golf course and tinted car windows at an auto shop over the summer. His family situation is unstable and complicated and WUHS is his sixth high school in the past four years.

&#8220I want to succeed and do something with my life, most of my family is struggling with jobs,” Pedro said.

Castro started high school at Duncan Polytechnical, a prestigious school in Fresno, but because of family issues he was going to have to leave school. He decided to stay in school, even though it meant a family separation. During his sophomore year, Pedro went to Las Vegas, Nev., to help his mother after his grandmother died. Because he was too far along in the semester at Duncan, he had to continue his schooling at the Charles Woodsen Independent Study School in Fresno.

He finally ended up at WUHS where he played forward for the Tigers soccer team.

While he didn't graduate at the top of his class, Carolyn Lambert, Assistant Superintendent of the Visalia Unified School District, recognized what Castro had accomplished in the last four years by awarding him the &#8220Every Student Succeeding Award.”

&#8220Everything that Pedro has gone through and all of the obstacles; living alone and having to do it all on his own, struck such a chord in my heart,” Lambert said.

Lambert also gave Castro a personal check to help purchase books and supplies for college and introduced him to her son, Nathan Lambert, assistant district attorney for Fresno County. Castro is interested in criminal investigation and forensic science.

&#8220My main goal is to become an FBI agent, and I intend to go to Fresno City College and transfer into Fresno State and take criminal justice courses,” he said.

Since he has had to move so many times, Pedro said it has been difficult for the school systems to keep track of his records. He also said it has been emotionally difficult for him, but said that he has found support and help through his faith in God.

Pedro said he is enjoying High School life right now, because he will have to start working again after he graduates.

&#8220I want to move on in my life, and I have no regrets.” he said.

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