Future Farmers show skills at County Fair

By Katey Garrett

Imagine a place where adults can play like children and where corn-dogs and caramel apples are apart of an everyday diet.

It's a place to play games, watch concerts and visit livestock.

This exciting place is the Tulare County Fair and as Taylor Weisenberger, a student from Exeter, said, &#8220You gotta go to the fair”.

Weisenberger, a sophomore at Exeter Union High School, enjoyed the week long fair, participating as a member of the FFA. Working with livestock, he spent most of his week feeding, bathing and showing Piggy, a 235 pound Duroc swine that easily knocked Weisenberger to the ground, in an attempt to escape a photo-shoot.

&#8220We have horses at home and I wanted to try something different” said Weisenberger, who placed fourth in showmanship, out of 73.

Although it was Weisenberger's first year to show an animal, he seemed to feel very comfortable in the environment.

&#8220You're really nervous at first, but when you step into the ring to show your animal, you're nerves go away. That's the fun part.”

Weisenberger was not the only award winning FFA student from the area. Raquel Serna, a senior in Lindsay, has been working with livestock for approximately four years and did very well at the Tulare County Fair.

&#8220She's worked with lambs before but she really favors working with hogs,” said her mother, Lenore, who is very proud of her daughter.

Serna and her 260-pound crossbreed swine won the supreme swine competition on Tuesday. Like most FFA students, Serna had to say goodbye to her swine at the end of the week, when her award-winning animal was auctioned away.

&#8220Most animals are auctioned by pound,” said Serna's mother, &#8220But I think they might have a weight limit for how much they pay because the swine get big.”

In addition to livestock competitions, local FFA and 4-H students displayed indoor exhibits of their metal work, clothing line, various foods and much more.

With several different vendors, six different kinds of corn dogs, live music, rides for everyone, hypnotist shows, livestock and so much more, it is hard to avoid spending time at the Tulare County Fair.

All livestock results from the Tulare County Fair will be released within the week.

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