FHS's drama class ready to grab spotlight

By Olivia Frye

Farmersville High school has a lot to look forward to this school year. With so many new faces, students are realizing all the advantages of attending Farmersville High school.

New teachers Carey Shaffer and Jimmy Guarjardo have teamed up to offer new dance and drama classes. Although Shaffer and Guarjardo have been teaching at other schools for a number of years they are excited for what the future holds for Farmersville. Shaffer came from a school in Palm Springs and Guarjardo taught at various places in Tulare County.

&#8220The administration has been really excellent in recognizing the needs that we have for the arts,” said Guarjardo, who grew up in Farmersville and attended Exeter Union High School.

Performing warm-ups with the students and giving them the feel for improvisational skills are some of their daily activities in the classroom for the theatre and English graduate of California State University, Bakersfield. Showing the students what it's like to enjoy stepping into someone else's shoes for a few hours is all part of the fun.

Guarjardo teaches in the morning at the junior high school, and then in the afternoons he is back at the high school.

He has two beginning drama classes and for a two period class he teaches advanced drama.

The whole drama department at Farmersville High School is made up of approximately 100 students. They also expect those numbers to grow as the drama department takes shape.

FHS did build a small stage for performances that is attached to the gymnasium. A removable wall separates the stage from the classroom. Removing the wall creates a rather large space for the actors to perform. They also have a rather large prop room.

This school year the class will be performing &#8220Heaven Can Wait.” Performances will be held at Farmersville High School Nov. 30, Dec. 1,2, 7, 8 and 9. Admission to the performances will be $5 per adult and $3 per student with a proper ID card.

All Farmersville students will have the opportunity to audition for the play and the musical that will be performed in the fall. They hope to be the first to perform &#8220High School Musical” a Disney production shown on the Disney Channel.

Farmersville High School will also accept prop donations from anyone willing to donate furniture, costuming, back-drops and paint. Volunteers for the performances would also be appreciated.

Guarjardo stresses the importance of the arts in school and said too many art programs are being cut from high school curriculum.

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