Community honors two high school students

Lizette Rodriguez and Joseph Spahn are Woodlake's Youth of the Year Award Recipients

By Mo Moore

For those who think that most teens are just a bunch of Myspace addicted, mall dwelling, superficial slackers, they obviously haven't met Lizette Rodriguez or Joseph Spahn of Woodlake. These Youth of the Year recipients are busier than most adults, yet are only seniors in high school.

Lizette Rodriguez is not only Woodlake High School's ASB President, but a member of Woodlake's varsity volleyball and soccer teams, homecoming candidate, a leader in the Mexican Folk Dance program and was recently selected as the winner of the 28th Annual State Migrant Education Honor Student for Tulare and Kings County from amongst many nominees.

Throughout high school Lizette has been involved in a whirlwind of activities including Interact Club, CSF, Academic Decathlon, Freshmen Orientation and working at the concession stands during Woodlake sporting events. She is currently employed by 1st Choice Foods in Woodlake.

&#8220It's really important to be involved in your community,” said Lizette. &#8220That's what makes a community.”

A leader in every program she is involved in, Lizette's contagious enthusiasm has made her noted by her teachers as a student that is a pleasure to have in class. She plans to attend UC Barbara or Davis, majoring in biology. Lizette desires to pursue a career in medicine as a pediatrician.

Joseph Spahn, a young man of character and respect, is also what teachers call a pleasure to have in class. A member of a close net family, Joseph began helping out at school activities with his mom before he even started school. He had as much fun setting up and cleaning as most children did playing at the carnivals.

A family man, Joseph spends much of his leisure time involved in church activities, riding off-road vehicles and hanging out with family and friends. Somehow Joseph finds time to work at the Pizza Factory.

&#8220I want to be a better example to the people around me,” said Joseph. &#8220I'd rather be a good example than just tell them.”

Early on Joseph became involved in the Tiger Sharks recreational swim team. From swimmer to assisting younger swimmers to coach, Joseph has demonstrated his leadership skills in and out of the water. A participate on the Woodlake Cross Country team Joseph has made it to both Valley and State finals with his team. He plans on attending a junior college before transferring to U.C. Santa Barbara.

With youth like these, older generations can rest assured that the future is in good hands.

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