Local students are ‘Best of Show'

By Mo Moore

The Tulare County Office of Education is celebrating Arts Education Month with its &#8220Best of Show” Student Art Exhibition.

After two preliminary exhibitions in the fall, pieces were selected from schools throughout Tulare County.

A panel of judges narrowed the candidates down to over 300 paintings, drawings and sculptures. The show will run from March 1 – 31.

&#8220We have so many talented young artists in out county,” says Tulare County Superintendent of Schools, Jim Vidak said.

&#8220The annual student art exhibitions give these students some additional recognition and, of course, helps encourage teachers to keep the arts in their curriculum.”

A reception for &#8220Best of Show” students, their families and the public will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. March 21 at the Tulare County Office of Education main building, 2637 West Burrel Avenue in Visalia. For more information call Brian Roberts at 651-1482.

Congratulations to the following local students who are part of TCOE's &#8220Best of Show.”

Exeter Union High School

(Mrs. Shultz)

Dylan Howard, grade 9

Ann Marie Turner, grade 10

Rebeccah Terhune, grade 9

Meghan McMurty, grade 10

Ben Barba, grade 9

Michael Newman, grade 9

Christina Steelman, grade 10

Katherine King, grade 11

Andi Remling, grade 9

Micah Rice, grade 9

Woodlake Union High School

(Mrs. Bowers)

Orfil Muniz, grade 11

Kohl Berry, grade 11

Dylan Bird-Gilmour, grade 9

Jorge Gonzalez, grade 12

Cora Duncan, grade 9

Yesenia Delgado, grade 10

Fernando Martinez, grade 11

Aariel Olaguez, grade 10

Megan Brim, grade 11

Ryan Taylor, grade 12

Bravo Lake High School

(T. Canby)

Miguel Palofox, grade 11

Kyle Harwood, grade 11

Jose Guijon, grade 10

Christian Carrasco, grade 9

Sabe Alkabadi, grade 10

Farmersville Junior High School (Ms. Filipi)

Erika Villalpando, grade 8

Valarie Gomez, grade 8

Chaz Orozco, grade 8

Maria Gonzalez, grade 8

Cecelia Rivera, grade 8

Freddie Smith, grade 8

Macy Gomez, grade 8

Wendy Jimenez, grade 6

Eva McDowell, grade 7

Michelle Escamilla, grade 8

Woodlake Valley Middle School (Mrs. Skeen)

Cristal Tadeo, grade 8

Richard Jasso, grade 8

Yvette Tafoya, grade 8

Ramiro Martinez, grade 7

Olga Velasquez, grade 8

Jessica Rodriguez, grade 7

Marcus Benavidez, grade 8

Janet Marin, grade 8

Jessica Diaz, grade 6

Joey Lucero, grade 6

Kristopher Weeks, grade 6

Oliva Cabrera, grade 7

Pedro Hernandez, grade 7

Rocky Hill Elementary School (Exeter)

Melody Wise, grade 4

Yazmine Ortiz, grade 4Alexis Medrano, grade 4

Frankie Delgado, grade 4

William Brooks, grade 5

Alexa Ramos, grade 5

Samantha Soong, grade 5

Kaylee Brooks, grade 5

Becky Hobbs, grade 5 Rebecca Peltzer, grade 4

Jefferson Elementary School (Lindsay)

Jesus Andrade, grade 5

Sarah Olivas, grade 5

Janelly Perez grade 5

Isaac Robles, grade 5

Brenda Salas, grade 5

Bryan Tortoledo, grade 1

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