Farmersville Unified welcomes a new chief


Frank Silveira has had an outstanding career in education. For 15 years Silveira has educated valley students in and out of the classroom. He has served as a coach, teacher, vice principal, principal, and a Director of English Learning Development (ELD), and now he will serve as Farmersville Unified School Districts’ Chief Academic Officer.

Silveira was born in the Azores Islands in Portugal and moved to the United States when he was 4 years old. He grew up between Tulare and Tipton. After graduating from Tulare Union he then transferred to COS before moving on to Cal State Stanislaus, where he earned his bachelors degree.

After teaching in the classroom for four years Silveira was approached by his principal who encouraged him to go into administration. He then began attending Fresno Pacific where he earned his Masters in Administration. “I always loved teaching and coaching,” said Silveira. But he confessed that he never imagined that he would serve in an administrative role.

Silveira spent 13 years at Exeter Unified School District serving as vice principal and principal at Wilson before becoming Exeter High School’s principal.

“Being a principal takes a lot of patience especially knowing there is an evolution in academics.”

In the 2014/2015 school year he moved from principal into the district office where he worked as director of ELD.

As director of ELD Silveira studied federal and state laws and regulations in order to maintain compliance as a district.

He also collaborated with teachers to help support English as a Second Language (ESL) students, as well as, migrant youth. One of his greatest achievements was implementing an ESL class for parents. The program was so successful that the district is planning on offering introductory and intermediate classes to help meet parents at their level of understanding.

The position of Chief Academic Officer is new to Farmersville Unified School District (FUSD). Silveira explained the role he will play in the district “I will be supporting and guiding academic coaches and teachers, as well as, providing resources and materials.” Silveira will work to bring educators together to develop student learning. He will also be upholding state and federal compliance regulations, “I will be getting into the classroom to ensure they are being maintained.”

Silveira is currently adjusting to his new role and has already reached out into the community, “I’m observing and getting to know my colleagues. I also am getting to know community members and building partnerships with law enforcement.” Silveira believes that by partnering with the community it ensures that FUSD is seen as a neutral place for the community and creates a safe and healthy atmosphere for students. Ultimately, Silveira will continue doing what he has been for the last 15 years,

“Educating kids is the goal. We are preparing students to be lifelong students,” stated Silveira.

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