LUSD leads the way in education

Lindsay Unified School District has become nationally renowned for its Performance Based System of education. They have gain so much national attention the district recently hired Community Service Director Barry Sommers to serve as the district’s Director of Public Relations.

“Everyday someone is calling,” Sommers went on to say, “Little Lindsay has wisdom to share, it’s very exciting.”

Last month, LUSD leaders were invited to provide presentations in three different cities in Texas, addressing staff representing over 80 districts in the state. The reason for the visit was a grant opportunity for districts throughout the state of Texas. According to Sommers a private donor is offering grant funding for blended learning districts. Many are poised to move toward a blended learning system but are in need of guidance.

“They are at the tipping point, and it’s slowly coming into fruition,” stated Sommers.

Lincoln Principal Brian Griffin  presented Sept. 22-23; former Lindsay High School Principal and current executive director of Human Resources Jaime Robles presented Sept. 29-30; Nikolaus Namba presented Oct. 1-2; and Sommers presented Oct. 6-7. All costs were covered by “Ready to Blend” organization.

The presentation gave Texas staff an overview of the dynamic changes LUSD has made over the last few years, which included the nearly completed city wide Wi-Fi project as well as the roll out of 1-1 devices throughout the district. Presenters shared with staff one of the most fundamental aspects of PBS, every hour of every day Lindsay learners are being met at their level, using the best learning style for that learner. As well, learners understand the relevancy of what they are learning and are challenged by instructors every day.

District staff also provided an outline as to how they implemented PBS. By creating a strategic design the district was able to customize their structure, transform their technology, create a viable curriculum as well as train and hire skilled leadership. Presenters shared that, “Lindsay leaders are future focused visionaries, not afraid to take a risk to improve learning for students.”

Sommers shared that staff was, “receptive and interested.” Texas staff will be visiting LUSD later in the year. “They’re really excited to see what it really looks like,” said Sommers.

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