Ruiz4Kids rewards Valley students


tulare county – Out of the $522,500 scholarship dollars Ruiz 4 Kids awarded to students, a whopping $345,000 went to students from the Central Valley. A total of 317 valley students were recipients of the 2017 Ruiz 4 Kids Scholarships. There were also 21 students from Exeter, Farmersville and Lindsay. Each of these students were awards $1,000 each.

“We are thrilled to assist in the continued education of local high school and community college students,” said Blanca Santa, Ruiz 4 Kids Dinuba. “We could not be more excited at our ability to award scholarships to youth in our community and help them achieve their dream of higher education. Ruiz 4 Kids looks forward to following their achievements.”

From Exeter High School, the recipients are: Jonathan Tangonan, Annabeth Hartley, Beatriz Luengas and Kaitlyn McFarlan

Farmersville High School’s recipients include: Priscila Angulo, Alejandro Echeverria, Carolina Hernandez, Karina JimeGomez, Lizeth Meza, Amadeo Ramirez, Kassandra Romero and Karen Silva.

Recipients from Lindsay High School are: Kareli Chavez Gomez, and Karina Gonzalez-Espinoza, Maribel Hernandez, Maricruz Lira-Lemus, Leslie Ontiveros, Amy Robles and Silvia Vasquez.

Ruiz 4 Kids is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1991 when employees of the Ruiz Food Products, Inc. approached the founder, Fred Ruiz, and asked him for help in exploring ways to assist families with children in need. Since then, Ruiz 4 Kids has awarded over 3 million dollars in scholarships.

Ruiz 4 Kids works to fund two children and educational programs: scholarships to high school seniors/community college students and the Mini-Grants for Teachers program. The scholarship money is raised by the Lois F. Ruiz Gold Invitational.


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