Congressman McCarthy presents Harmony Magnet, SHS teacher, student with merit award, inspirational educator award


PORTERVILLE – Two high school students in Strathmore were among five Porterville Unified School District (PUSD) teachers to receive honors personally from one of the country’s highest statesman. 

On May 11, United States House of Representatives Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Congressman representing the 23rd Congressional District, traveled to Porterville to present the 2018 Merit Awards to five Porterville Unified School District high school seniors in a ceremony at the PUSD board room. Aime Alarcon (Harmony Magnet Academy), Tina Zhen (Monache High School), Matthew Day (Porterville High School), Teresa Alcantar (Strathmore High School), and Savannah Banuelos (Granite Hills High School) were honored.

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Also honored were two high school educators in Strathmore. Angelina Contreras (Harmony Magnet Academy) and Seth Yocum (Strathmore High School) were among five PUSD teachers to receive the California Inspirational High School Educator Award. The other PUSD teachers honored last week include Anthony Gale (Monache High School), Julie Chapman (Porterville High School), and Elissa Lombardi (Granite Hills High School).

McCarthy holds the annual event to specially recognize students from the 23rd Congressional District who display excellence in the classroom. Each student receiving accolades also nominates an educator for the 23rd Congressional District of California Inspirational High School Educator Award, which is also presented at the ceremony.

“I am impressed every year with the bright, young minds in our community,” said Congressman McCarthy at the ceremony. “This award recognizes the hard work these students have put in over their academic careers and the dedication of our educators to enrich and prepare these young minds for boundless opportunities. It is inspiring and instills great optimism to meet such exceptional students and their instructors to congratulate them on jobs well done.”

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