Library offers free online learning tools

Tulare County Library offers databases featuring music, art, academics, and more


TULARE COUNTYIf you are looking for a way to learn an instrument or learn a new job skill but don’t have the money, don’t worry, you can do it for free at any Tulare County Library Branch.

Tulare County Library now offers two new online learning programs to help you succeed, ArtistWorks and Universal Class. Both are free to you to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a valid Tulare County Library Card in good standing. Local instructors may also assign classes and instruction from ArtistWorks and Universal Class to students with valid Tulare County Library cards as part of their curriculum.

ArtistWorks provides instruction on musical instruments, vocal, acoustic, and even art from top professionals who provide instruction via video session and personally interact with you via email. Learn or gain help on the flute, guitar, violin, ukulele, music theory, bluegrass, mandolin, trumpet, cello, piano, saxophone, voice, and more. There is even an art class with drawing and painting techniques. The instructors provide feedback based on your own videoed performance.
Universal Class supplies over 500 courses, ranging from core academic, business, personal development, writing, management, health and medicine, exercise, careers, cooking, event planning,  human and child development, math,  science, computer skills, DIY, history, and cultures—much to draw from to help you succeed.

Universal Class provides self-paced courses with the option to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU), units to apply to portfolios and resumes. CEUs may not have to apply to portfolios and resumes. CEUs may not have the same weight as an academic unit, but special considerations may be given to those who earn CEUs by academic counseling departments, depending upon the school of choice. Courses with Continuing Education Units demonstrate a commitment to learning and may extend more chances for job opportunities. Also, these classes can assist in homeschooling or may further a greater grasp on a subject. Normally the classes would range between $75 or more, yet the Tulare County Library provides them free to you.

The Tulare County Library serves all the citizens of Tulare County with locations in seventeen communities, four book machines, two adult literacy centers, and online at Like the Library on Facebook or follow us on Twitter

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