Farmersville Unified School District takes extra steps for student safety

Farmersville Unified school board votes to install cameras outside of Hester Elementary, Farmersville High School aquatic center

FARMERSVILLE – While many districts are focused on keeping their students safe from COVID-19, the Farmersville Unified School District is working to ensure student safety in all areas. At last week’s meeting, the school board voted in favor of installing cameras outside of Hester Elementary and the Aquatic Center at Farmersville High School.

FUSD is working with the Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE) to implement a new system where outside police agencies can have access to their new web-based cameras. This will allow better monitoring in the event of an emergency, particularly an active shooter. Hester Elementary will be Farmersville’s pilot school. FUSD has partnered with CDW-G to install the cameras. This effort is a part of a larger project piloted by the TCOE who is working on a system to monitor the cameras from many schools throughout the county. The system will allow administrators and other officials to monitor activity from their computers or cell phones.

“We’ll be able to immediately respond to an emergency system and be able to track any individual or safety concerns that occurs on campus,” Farmersville superintendent Paul Sevillano said. “The plan is to have it installed by the fall. Once we see the whole system and realize that it is affective, then we plan to expand to the rest of the schools.”

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