Woodlake tries to add another safe way to get to school

City council votes in favor of applying for more money to add curb, gutter, sidewalk on Sequoia between Cypress and Valencia

WOODLAKE – While kids may not be going to school to start out the year, cities are still working on a way to get them there safely.

Woodlake City Council voted in favor of applying for some additional dollars to give students a safer path to school. In addition, it will give residents a place to stroll that isn’t in the road.

At their July 13 meeting, the council held a public hearing to apply for a fifth round of Active Transportation Program (ATP) money. The money would be directly linked to the improvements that were established through the fourth cycle of ATP dollars to improve the north side of Sequoia Avenue between Cypress and Valencia Boulevard. But will not reach all the way across.

“The Safe Routes to School project will close a gap on Sequoia Avenue that currently lacks sidewalk, curb, gutter, ADA ramps, street lights and bike lanes,” a city report states on the project.

Community development director for the city, Jason Waters, said the Sequoia Avenue project is approximately $990,000, and is almost ready to go out to bid. Initial costs for the continuation project that will hopefully finish the project are approximately $1.4 million. But according to Waters, the project is still years away.

“We won’t even know until this time next year. And then maybe you can start engineering, and once that’s done you can go out and find someone to build the thing,” Waters said.

He added that the project is still worthwhile, and “checks a lot of boxes.”

“The point of the [Active Transportation Program]… is it’s supposed to encourage walkers and people who bike,” Water said. “They don’t want to spend money where people aren’t walking. That would be a loss of money on their end.”

The application of the Cycle 5 money is due on Sept. 15 of this year. And there was no public comment on the item.

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