Water sports remain on tap for Farmersville High

Farmersville High School plans to install shade structures at their new aquatic center in preparation for new water polo and swim teams

FARMERSVILLE – The ongoing pandemic has delayed many events in 2020, including the debut of water sports at Farmersville High School (FHS). The school board has approved the addition of shade structures at the school’s new aquatic center in preparation for future competitions.

The school opened the Jim A. Wiley Aquatic Center in September 2019. This current school year was set to be the debut of the new water polo and swimming team at FHS but high school sports have yet to return since being canceled in March.

The new shade structures being planned at the center will make it easier to host fans during competitions. The aquatic center project came in under budget which allowed for the board to move forward with the shade structures.

The aquatic center was one day away from hosting its first athletic competition back in March, as the new swimming team at Farmersville High School was set to play a league matchup at home. Unfortunately, sports were canceled before that could happen. The team had over 30 kids on the swimming team at the time and they were able to compete in one away meet before the season was canceled.

This year, the school has to do more work to get the team up and running. The previous coach has left the school so they need to hire a new replacement plus they need to recruit more swimmers. The ongoing school year was set to be the first for the water polo team as well, but COVID-19 has also halted those plans. The school has not been able to begin the process of recruiting a coach and players.

The status of high school sports in California for the current school year is still up in the air. But by time the Jim A. Wiley Aquatic Center is ready for its first competition, the school board is hoping to have the shade structures ready to go.

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