Tulare looks to diversify studies

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Tulare Joint Union High School District approves 11 courses, four are related to foreign cultures

TULARE – Students in Tulare will have more chances to diversify their world experiences without leaving the classroom. The Tulare Joint Union High School District approved 11 courses including three classes centered around ancient Greece and one focused on Latin.

All four cultural classes will be at Tulare Union High School. Ancient Greek I and II are first- and second-year courses that will give students direct access to the thoughts and writings of the ancient Greeks. Students will explore the dynamic and often dangerous cultural, social and political world in which ancient Greeks wrote. They’ll also be able to read and translate selections from ancient Greek authors and compose simple sentences in Greek. Ancient Greek philosophy will also be offered as students will have a chance to study some of the world’s most famous philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

For students hoping to earn college credit, Latin IV AP will be offered for grades 11 and 12. Students will learn to read, comprehend and translate various Latin texts and authors. There will also be a new advanced placement study skills course which will provide additional time and opportunities for students to practice and master the analytical and writing skills needed to be successful in advanced placement social studies courses and college courses.

To round out the new courses at TUHS, they will be offering two new courses for students wanting to explore various career routes. Intro to Fire Services and Careers in Education I will provide an introduction to career opportunities in those fields.

Mission Oak High School will be strengthening their curriculum in the Public Service and Law Academy. They will be offering a course titled Principles of Law and Public Safety which will be a required second year course. Students will receive an overview of protective services in the United States. The class will specifically explain the hierarchy and inner-workings of the criminal justice systems in California, the civil justice system and explore general policies and procedures of adjunct protective services agencies including, but not limited to fire and rescue, security and emergency medical services. Students will be exposed to career opportunities across a wide variety of protective service careers.

Learners at Tulare Western High School (TWHS) will also have the chance to earn college credit with their new AP Physics 2 course. It is a four-credit course that will be a continuation of AP Physics 1, with a deeper dive into topics.

For students that are good with their hands and want to learn more practical life skills, beginning and intermediate sewing at TWHS may be a good fit. Students will learn basic skills and techniques, and will be able to demonstrate straight seam and zig-zag on a sewing machine.

Agricultural Leadership will be offered by the ag department for students who completed one year of agriculture. It is designed to engage students in experiential activities which further their personal development and premier leadership skills.

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