Visalia to put students’ minds in motion

The Sun-Gazette

New Visalia Unified courses offer students a chance to study exercise science, military science and international agriculture

VISALIA – Two of Visalia’s four high schools will be adding new courses to career pathway programs in fall 2021.

El Diamante is looking to strengthen its curriculum in the Sports Therapy, Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, and Neuromuscular Gains (STRONG) pathway with a new course on kinesiology, the study of human movement and its impact on wellbeing. In this second-year course of the pathway, students will be exposed to the historical and organizational perspective of kinesiology, detailed anatomical and biomechanical study of the skeletal and muscular systems with special focus on each major body region, physiological response of tissue, specific medical conditions and injuries, scientific principles of injury prevention, assessment, rehabilitation, exercise physiology and human performance.

Students will receive training and possible certification in First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) as well as use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in accordance with the American Red Cross Lay Responder course.

Mt. Whitney is adding a new course to its growing California Cadet Corps program. In Military Science Cadet Corps 3, third year students will be enveloped in a leadership laboratory providing students with knowledge of how government, private organizations and businesses work. Students will learn how the management of both human and material resources, communication between departments or agencies, the prediction of market trends, and the impact of public sentiment determine the success of any endeavor. Most importantly students will gain an appreciation of how their ability to influence behavior affects morale and impacts the endurance of an organization to meet its mission.

The class will focus on public speaking, written communication, service learning, presentation skills, community service, government hierarchy, personal and social development, goal setting, group dynamics, marketing, finance accounting, advertising, the bidding process and purchase within the constructs of the state procurement system. Students will assess their effectiveness and influence as leaders and managers while planning, organizing, and conducting multiple training events for the school, region, and state level.

El Diamante will also be adding to its AgriBusiness and AgriTech pathways. AgriTech Advanced Technology is the fourth year-capstone course is the AgriTech pathway. This course focuses on the theory and application of electrical, mechanical, and fluid power systems as it relates to industrial manufacturing, industrial automation, and control systems. Students will gain knowledge about AC and DC electricity, electrical schematics, relay logic, motor control circuits, programmable logic controllers, hydraulic/pneumatic actuators, and industrial safety. Students will be able to directly apply knowledge and skill to industry standards through project and work based learning.

Agricultural Business 3 is a third-year capstone course for the Ag Business pathway where students will learn how agriculture business is conducted internationally and the various issues that involve the agriculture industry. Students will understand the agriculture practices as it relates to the seven continents of the world. Students will become familiar with farming practices and cultural practices as it relates to animal welfare, food safety, and technology and explore topics such as currency, importing and exporting products/commodities, and United States, Mexico and Canada (USMCA) free trade agreement.

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