PUSD approves new charging stations

New charging stations to be installed for electric buses

PORTERVILLE – When school bus drivers in Porterville are allowed to start gearing up for their morning routes, a few will be doing so in brand new buses. Following their order for six new electric school buses, the Porterville Unified School District (PUSD) approved the installation of six new charging stations at their Jan. 28 meeting.

The ABB Terra 54 fast charging stations will be located at the Student Transportation of America (STA) bus yard near Porterville High School. The goal is to have them installed by August and they are working with Southern California Edison (SCE) to get that done.

In addition to the six electric buses that have been ordered, the district plans to order four more within the next 10 years. As one of the largest school districts in Tulare County, PUSD has been persistent in their emphasis on solar panels, renewable energy, and decreasing their overall power costs and electric bills. The long-term goal is to have an all-electric bus fleet like the city of Porterville’s public transportation system.

“That’s definitely one of the things we want to do, similar to the city, reducing the carbon footprint and moving away from some of the diesel buses,” Jason Pommier, PUSD public information officer said. “We’re always looking at ways where we can reduce costs, save money and utilize it for the students.”

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