Ramos selected as newest FUSD trustee, clerk

Isamar Hernandez-Ramos selected as provisional trustee to replace Lupe Fernandez on FUSD board, also elected clerk

FARMERSVILLE – Isamar Hernandez-Ramos is Farmersville Unified School District’s newest board trustee, selected by the board April 20 to fill the seat vacated by former trustee Lupe Fernandez.

Hernandez-Ramos is a product of FUSD from kindergarten to grade 12, graduating from Farmersville High School in 2013. She returned to Farmersville after earning a degree in agricultural communications from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, where she decided she wanted to pursue a career in education.

“I’m a product of the system and the decisions that the board gets to make,” Hernandez-Ramos said. “I was able to see where my own education had been a little lacking and where it was good, and where we needed some growth. I decided that this was something that I could make a difference in.”

Hernandez-Ramos has three years of experience as an educator with ProYouth—a Visalia nonprofit dedicated to helping students through expanded learning after-school programs—two of which have been spent as the program director at Tulare Union High School.

“I’m someone that truly believes that education is a tool of empowerment for our kids in our community,” Hernandez-Ramos said.

Now serving as FUSD’s provisional trustee, Hernandez-Ramos hopes to pull from her experiences in education to serve Farmersville families. Hernandez-Ramos said while she believes people should always keep learning, she understands that college isn’t for everyone.

“Being realistic about my district, we have to understand that not every single student is college bound,” Hernandez-Ramos said. “One of the things that I hope to be more involved with, I know that the district has a growing career and technical education component. They are starting to open up pathways, where students are actually learning skills and trades while they’re in high school so that when they graduate, they have something tangible that they can take into the workforce.”

Now a representative of public interest, Hernandez-Ramos said she hopes to help facilitate more civic engagement between families and FUSD.

“My biggest thing as a board member is going to be to encourage more parents and community members to run for election and be involved with the school board,” Hernandez-Ramos said. “There are a lot of fantastic parents that are very dedicated to their students’ education that want to be involved and perhaps don’t know how, and I am very open and willing to hear what they have to say, but to also try to get them involved in the process.”

Hernandez-Ramos said she does not plan to run for her seat in 2022, but she hopes to see contested elections in the three FUSD trustee seats that will be up for election.

FUSD Trustee Jorge Vasquez was appointed as clerk, a position previously held by Lupe Fernandez.

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