Tulare high schools add personal finance to electives

Personal finance is among six new courses being considered at Tulare Union, Tulare Western and Mission Oak

TULARE – Community members are always griping about high school students going off to college or career without understanding how to balance a checkbook. Tulare Union parents now have the option of putting their teens in a personal finance class, one of six new courses recommended for approval at the Tulare Join Unified High School District Nov. 18 board meeting.

The social studies department at Tulare Union High School is introducing a personal finance course to help students in grades 9-12 “plan, prepare, prosper.” The purpose of this course is for students to be equipped with the financial skills they’ll need to thrive in the real world, regardless of their trajectory.

“Topics covered are paychecks, budgeting, checking and savings accounts, tuition, paying rent, and many more other financial mistakes they may encounter,” the course outline reads.

Tulare Union mathematics department introduced an information system and programming course available for 11th-12th grade. This course is partnered with Porterville College; students will properly and safely diagnose, resolve and document standard hardware and software issues while applying troubleshooting skills. Also introduced to them are coding skills to prepare students for future study in the computer science field.

Tulare Western

Tulare Western is introducing three new courses to their campus. In the science department, microbiology will be available for 11th and 12th grades. Students in microbiology will explore the microbial world. They will study pathogenic, nonpathogenic microorganisms, lab procedures and identifying techniques and emerging diseases. By the end of the course, students must understand the immune system’s response to invading microorganisms, Infectious disease as to what happens when your body is not homeostasis, the foundation of microbiology as in classification, evolution and growth of microbes and much more.

The special education department at Tulare Western offers two different courses: intro to marketing and sales as well as entrepreneurship and self-employment. Both systems are available for grades 9-11 and also have many similar course descriptions. Both will be learning the necessary skills it takes to run a small business and critical thinking skills, creativity, and communicating with one another to problem-solve. The main difference between both courses is that into marketing focuses more on success by demonstrating product/service management, identifying promotion, and selling goods. Entrepreneurship will introduce finance, accounting, marketing skills, and the knowledge of any business document that applies by creating an individual business portfolio.

Mission Oak

Mission Oak High School will be introducing a criminology course available in the PSL academy department. This course is only available for 11th graders, and students will better understand why people commit a crime and how to predict crime. Also, identify criminal and deviant behavior through scenarios and other opportunities given during the year.

The goal for Tulare Joint Unified School District is to help students complete the A-G requirements needed for graduation by assisting them to transition to college or any future career. All six courses will be approved for every Tulare high schools; however, it will be determined on student interest to take an approved course and find the right teachers to teach these courses.

All courses will require new textbooks and material that will be paid for through the Esser III grant. This grant offers to fund any Elementary and Secondary Schools COVID-19 relief at schools impacted by the pandemic.

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