Robot launches University Prep into first place

University Preparatory High School wins Madtown throwdown in Madera robot competition on Nov. 13

MADERA – University Preparatory High School’s robot scooped and scored better than the best of them, winning students first place title at the Madtown Throwdown in Madera earlier this month.

More than 17 high schools across California attended the Madtown Throwdown event this year. Each school was given an assignment several months in advance to design a robot that could scoop up a ball in any arena and launch them through various holes around the perimeter. Although spots varied in height, the team won points depending on the difficulty of the shot.

As the competition moves along, top qualifying teams formed an alliance team with two other groups. The Visalia Arborbotics team were invited to join Atascadero and Davis to start their alliance team; eight teams competed in the quarterfinals. Together UPHS, Atascadero, and Davis took home first place in the MadTown Throwdown. The Arborbotics team teaches students to use engineering and computer science software to design a robot to assist human individuals.

“Our students also learned the valuable 21st-century skills, navigating the ups and downs of tournament play, trouble-shooting problems, and cooperating with one another and with other teams,” Josh Curtis the Visalia Arborbotics team mentor said.

This upcoming year Arborbotics will begin building its robot for the regional competition screening on Jan. 8, competing in the first robotics regional event on March 30. Depending on the team’s success, they will have the chance to attend the world championship held in Texas this year.

For more information on the UPHS Aborbotics team and ways you can support, contact Josh Curtis at [email protected]

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