Tulare elementary approves new maps with slight changes

Tulare City School District approves nearly identical trustee area map to the one approved in 2011

TULARE – As the high school district prepares to approve its new trustee area boundaries this week, Tulare’s elementary school district was among the first major districts to complete the process in November, before many other districts had begun.

On Nov. 9, the Tulare City School Districts school board unanimously approved its new maps to balance population shifts within the district since the last Census data back in 2011. Not much has changed for the school district of just over 9,500 students, which includes all of the schools within the city limits and southwest of the city limits.

At the meeting, the board discussed which of its maps, A or B, provided the best opportunity to allow for the most growth without drastically redrawing lines in another 10 years. Both maps had a peak population deviation of less than 4% between the smallest and largest trustee areas, well below the 10% maximum allowed under the federal Voting Rights Act. The only real comments at the meeting were provided by Trustee Daniel Enriquez who said he liked that both maps cleaned up the boundary lines between trustee areas.

Ultimately, the board agreed Map A would provide the district with the most room to grow in areas where growth is likely to occur with a lower peak deviation of 2.90%. Area 3 stretched a little further south while Area 4 nudged east at its southern edge and Area 5 slightly shifted to the east.

Trustee Melissa Janes made a motion to approve Map A which was seconded by Trustee William Adkins. The board approved the map on a 5-0 vote.

Superintendent Brian Hollingshead said none of the boundaries changed significantly and that all of the current trustees still reside in their original areas under the new map.

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