Visalia college professor recognized with national award

Randy Emery a College of the Sequoias welding instructor is granted award from national welding organization

VISALIA  – The hard work of COS professor Randy Emery yields him national honors with an award from the National American Welding Society.

Emery was awarded the 2022 Howard E. Adkins Memorial Instructor Membership Award. He stated that he was notified of this award on Saturday May 21 but the distribution of the award will take place at an award ceremony sometime in November.

A major factor that earned Emery this award was his engagement with industry partners and the high employment rate of his students, explained COS administrator Jonna Schengel.

“One thing that sticks out with Randy is how much he engages our industry partners. He doesn’t just reach out to students, but he develops relationships with employers that really help his students get great jobs,” she said. 

Emery is the first of COS’ welding faculty to receive a national teaching award. For COS this proves the work that he puts in with employers and students is what the industry was looking for, according to Schengel. “It just proves that what Randy does day in and day out with students and employers is what the industry [American Welding Society] is looking for,” she stated. 

Professor Emery said that his passion for welding and teaching has been the main contributor to his new national hardware.

“This national award will be one of the highlights of my teaching experience. I also had a very encouraging and positive experience at my first AWS board meeting. I am joining some of the top professionals in the welding industry and making some new friends in the process.”

Emery has been with COS faculty for 29 years. He went from a 22 year part-time educator to full-time for the remaining seven. Additionally, Emery serves as the American Welding Society’s (AWS) chairman for the Central Valley chapter and is the incoming district director for the organization’s 22nd district. He has been a member with them for 34 years. He described the organization as the “go to” industrial society for welding. 

“The American Welding Society is the number one professional society for welding and manufacturing professionals [that are] focused on welding,” said Emery. 

He elaborated by describing AWS as an international organization with production and supply of major welding codes and standards for the industry and multiple languages throughout the world. They are also involved in education in the welding industry through online learning systems and multiple online professional development resources.

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