Letter to the Editor: Tim Hire supports Measure C

Dear Editor,

Tim Hire
Tulare County Superintendent of Schools

Tulare County students have needed and deserved more convenient access to 4-year university degrees for many years. I, Tim Hire, applaud COS for investing over $5 million dollars to get this opportunity started for our students. Measure C will bring that effort to completion. For the cost of about a cup of coffee per month for the average homeowner, students will be able to attend classes and earn advanced degrees on the COS campus in Visalia. I think we can all agree that not driving 45 minutes to an hour and a half to attend classes is much more convenient and cost effective for our students. Additionally, this savings may provide enough of an incentive that more students will achieve those degrees and stay here upon graduation thereby becoming contributing members to our communities. When schools improve our property values rise and our economy becomes stronger. Measure C provides the funds for COS to construct a 4-year University Center in Visalia which will assist in accomplishing these three important things; provide easier access for students to earn advanced degrees, increase property values and strengthen our economy. Please join me and vote YES on Measure C.

Tim A. Hire

25 year Tulare County Educator

Tulare County Superintendent of Schools

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