Letter to the Editor: Catalina Blair extends gratitude, parts ways with VUSD

Dear Visalia Unified School District employees, parents and students,

One year ago I applied to be on our school board because I wanted to serve the students and families of Visalia Unified.  I wanted our board to have more parent insight and I wanted to help build stronger relationships between our board and our community.  

To become a trustee is kind of like becoming a parent for the first time, in that you don’t know or understand what you’re in for until you are holding your new baby.  The weight of responsibility is very heavy, and when you care deeply it can feel crushing.  That’s when as a parent you realize that you cannot raise your child on your own.  You need people- your spouse, your family, friends, doctors and teachers.  As a new trustee I got to look around and meet my fellow board members and VUSD staff.  What a joy!  I got to see that I am not the only person in the room who cares for these students.  

We have a Family Community Resource Center, a college and career department, a special education department, student services, tons of classified staff, principals, teachers and a zealous cabinet team constantly in strategize mode.  These are the people who are so beautifully dedicated to serving our children that they work late into the evening and start texting each other at dawn.  They research and connect and fight for what they believe is best for our kids.  It is humbling and inspiring to see our district function from within, and I wish more people had the opportunity.  

So, as a parent and former trustee I want to say thank you to our Visalia Unified staff for your commitment to our children.  Thank you for caring for them, teaching them, believing in their bright future, and helping them to attain it.  I am so grateful that I have many more years as a VUSD parent.  I am excited to continue my mission of helping more parents to be involved at their school sites.  I also want to continue to make sure that our students’ voices are being heard.   Lastly, I want to congratulate our newly elected board.  Representing our city and school district is an honor. 

In all sincerity,
Catalina Blair
Former VUSD Area 4 Trustee

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