Local genealogy society helps residents branch out their family trees

The Sequoia Genealogical Society announces an upcoming meeting with guest speaker Robert Givens that will teach participants how to track their lineage accurately

TULARE – Residents can grow their family trees with the help of the Sequoia Genealogical Society’s upcoming meeting, which will teach people how to find their ancestors through accurate documentation and internet browsing.

On Jan. 5, 2023, the Sequoia Genealogical Society will be hosting a meeting alongside genealogist Robert Givens. The presentation is titled “What do you mean my tree isn’t accurate; using online sources to survey your tree for accuracy,” and will give participants guidance on how to search and share information about their ancestors online. It will take place at the Tulare Public Library in Tulare at 6 p.m.

“Posting the information on internet sites allows others to possibly use the information to further their research efforts, and in some cases, find family members that may have been unknown to them,” the Sequoia Genealogical Society stated in a press release.

Givens has years of experience in genealogy research under his belt, and will be sharing some of his experiences at this meeting. One of the main resources that Givens will help participants with is building their family tree with accurate documents or information that is found through the internet.

This is not the first time Givens has paid the Tulare library a visit, though. In 2020, he also presented in a similar meeting about cemetery research and a common genealogy tool named Find A Grave, which allows people to search through tombstones and obituaries online.

The Sequoia Genealogical Society meets regularly in the Olympic Room at the Tulare Public Library, which is their room that is dedicated to genealogy. Meetings are at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday evening of each month. There is no cost to attend and is welcome to the public. Tulare’s library also offers Ancestry.com access for free in their geneology room,  among other resources, such as newspapers on microfilm that date back years. 

The Sequoia Genealogical Society supports the Olympic Room and its resources financially. They also provide the majority of the library’s genealogy volunteers and keynote speakers, such as Givens and local historian Terry Ommen. 

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