COS program responds to health professional shortage

Nursing and Allied Health main office at College of the Sequoias.(Rigo Moran)

College of the Sequoias offers an new program to teach more paramedics in amidst a shortage of health professionals

VISALIA – The College of the Sequoias (COS) is doing its part to answer the call for more health professionals with a new program that aims to train more paramedics.

On Feb. 29, COS announced the launch of its highly anticipated paramedic program. According to the announcement, the program is designed to meet the growing demand for skilled emergency medical professionals in the community.

“College of the Sequoias has been teaching its traditional Emergency Medical Technician Basic course since 1973,” Nick Branch, COS paramedic program director said via press release. “Today it is extremely exciting to see our program expand to include the more advanced paramedic level course.”

The school is currently accepting applications for this program until April 17. As noted in the announcement flier, the program begins June 18 at the Hanford Public Safety Building, located at 925 13th Ave. in Hanford.

Through this program, students have a chance to get some hands-on training, a “significant milestone in the institution’s dedication to fostering healthcare professionals,” said the announcement.

The paramedic program at COS offers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses theoretical knowledge, practical skills development and real-world clinical experiences, according to the announcement. Through it, students will engage in immersive learning experiences that cover a wide range of topics, including emergency medical techniques, patient assessment, cardiac care, trauma care, pharmacology and more.

The key highlights of the program include the accredited curriculum, expert instruction, hands-on training and career readiness. Prospective students who want to make a difference in people’s lives during times of crisis are encouraged to apply to the program.

“In addition to the new paramedic courses, we are also rolling out a formal associate degree program that will allow our paramedic students to be recognized by formal education for the first time at COS,” Branch said.

According to the announcement, after completing course requirements students will be eligible to receive a Certificate, or can earn an Associates of Science Degree in Paramedicine.

Some requirements for the program include the completion of the class EMT 251 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), or a course equivalent; a current NREMT or local EMS authority EMT certification; a current American Heart Association (AHA) basic life support course; and a healthcare provider CPR card.

For more information about the paramedic program, the application process and further requirements and recommendations for the program, please visit or email [email protected].

“The Central Valley’s Emergency Medical Service Providers pride themselves on providing the highest level of paramedic care to our communities, and COS is proud to be supporting these agencies by offering this program,” Branch said.

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