Working Towards Relay


Not to be confused with the day of Relay, May 7 will be an unofficial “Relay Day,” where several of the most popular Exeter Relay traditions will be combined into a single day to promote the actual event on May 17-18.

May 7 will begin like many mornings for many people – with the newspaper. Relay For Life teams will be selling this publication, “The Purple Paper,” during the morning commute throughout the town. The suggested donation is $1 per copy, but many choose to give more. All of the proceeds from newspaper sales will go toward the American Cancer Society.

Hungry for more Relay. The fund-raising continues at 11 a.m. with Lunch For A Cause at Hometown Emporium. The lunches began on April 16 and feature a different meal every Wednesday leading up to the Relay For Life. May 7 will be the final Lunch and will include meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, cookie and a drink.

For just $10, the lunch comes with an entrée, two sides, a dessert and a bottled water to drink. Hometown Emporium donates the entire cost of the lunch with the $10 donation going directly to the American Cancer Society through the Exeter Relay For Life. As an added bonus, your $10 for lunch also gives you a luminary bag to write “In Honor” of a cancer survivor or “In Memory” of someone lost to cancer. The bags can be decorated with pictures of the person or mementos and will be lit up with a candle during the Luminaria ceremony after dusk.

Hometown Emproium is located at 145 E. Pine St. in Exeter. To call ahead or order your lunch for delivery, call Hometown Emporium at 559-592-1250 or Tricia Kirksey Real Estate at 559-592-9939 before 10 a.m. Large group orders will be accepted. Lunches will be delivered between 10:45 a.m. and 1 p.m. Make checks payable to American Cancer Society. For more information, go to or contact Terri Guzman at 559-280-0897.

If you are feeling tired after lunch and need to get out of the office, head to downtown and “Paint The Town Purple.” At 3 p.m., purple-clad volunteers will start at Tricia Kirksey Real Estate, 251 E. Pine St., and decorate downtown Exeter with purple bows for Paint The Town Purple, an event to raise awareness about the Exeter’s sixth annual Relay For Life on May 17-18 at Exeter Union High School Stadium. Volunteers will also hand out posters for businesses to place in their windows promoting Relay For Life and information on the American Cancer Society.

The color purple is used because it represents all forms of cancer, such as skin, colon, prostate, breast, leukemia and lymphoma. Purple is also the color used by the American Cancer Society, which 100% of the profits from Relay For Life events go toward.

Later that evening, the Relay Committee is inviting cancer survivors to an Ice Cream Social from 6-8 p.m. at the Exeter Woman’s Club, 201 N. Kaweah Ave. in Exeter. The free social is only open to cancer survivors and will feature a make your own sundae bar with bananas, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, brownies, cookie crumbles and all of the toppings you could want.

Committee Member Ashley Greiner said there are more than 200 survivors in Exeter and the surrounding small towns and she hopes to have 175 of them attend this year’s Relay. Greiner said last year’s event saw 135 cancer survivors attend!

There is so much to do on May 7 there isn’t any excuse not to get involved in one of these four events.


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