Kaweah Health announces revised visitor guidelines

(Rigo Moran)

Following community and staff feedback Kaweah Health updates its visitor guidelines to enhance patient care and family involvement, effective June 2024

VISALIA — Kaweah Health is set to implement revised visitor guidelines starting June 1, aiming to improve the patient experience and involve their families more effectively in the care process.

The decision to update the guidelines comes after months of consultations with community members, frontline staff and leadership. The changes reflect an ongoing effort to create a more patient-centered care environment, according to hospital officials.

“These changes were informed by extensive feedback from our patients and team members,” Kaweah Health Chief Nursing Officer Keri Noeske, said via announcement. “We strive to support our patients’ healing process and facilitate family involvement in their care plans.”

Under the new guidelines, general visiting hours at the Medical Center will be from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. This schedule applies to the MedSurg Units, Intermediate Critical Care Units, Intensive Care Units and Mother Baby/Postpartum areas. Access to the hospital will be streamlined through the Acequia Wing Lobby and the Mineral King Wing Lobby during these hours.

Additionally, the number of visitors in a room will be capped at two in most areas. Exceptions may apply as determined by unit leadership or where existing guidelines permit only one visitor at a time.

Hospital leadership emphasizes that the core principles guiding the visitor policy updates are to respect patient preferences and promote a supportive environment conducive to healing.

“Our focus remains on partnering with our patients to support their health care needs effectively, including managing visitor access as per their wishes,” Noeske said.

The full details of the new visiting guidelines are available for review on the Kaweah Health website.

While these are the only changes being made at this time, Kaweah Health encourages all patient care teams to welcome families at the bedside, include them in ongoing care discussions and manage visitor flow as needed to ensure optimal patient care.

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