SVMC implement acute care restrictions today

Restrictions for Sierra View Medical Center to help curb the spread of RSV and the flu start Wednesday, Dec. 5


PORTERVILLE – The best way to prevent the spread of viruses, is simply not to be around them. And Sierra View Medical Center (SVMC) is making sure to keep those with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza (flu) away from the most vulnerable patients around them, starting Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Since the flu season’s inception, the hospital has seen a few cases of RSV but approximately 50 cases of Influenza. The majority of the flu cases have been children. This has led to the visitor restrictions in an effort to prevent more serious cases of these viruses from spreading in the area. However, children who require hospitalization will receive normal care. SVMC is a family-centered hospital, and as such, urges visitors to comply with this restriction until further notice for the safety of visiting children and the well-being of patients, other visitors and community members alike.

RSV and Influenza are spread through contact and droplets, much like the common cold, so keeping children away from contaminated areas is crucial. In addition, any adults who feel ill (cold and flu- like symptoms) should also restrict their visits to protect our patients. An infected person sneezing or coughing can spread virus through the air, and some viruses can also survive for several hours on surfaces.

RSV is a common virus that causes cold symptoms in adults and children. Though most healthy adults and children will experience nothing more than an infection resembling a common cold, infants and children with pre-existing medical conditions can experience severe and potentially life-threatening complications from RSV.

Visitors under the age of 13 will be restricted from any of SVMC’s acute care units, as well as from the Distinct Part/Skilled Nursing Facility (DP/SNF), for their own protection and others. This restriction will be in effect until the RSV/Influenza season’s conclusion which is dependent on the number of cases seen in the area.

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