Church drama nets $5k for K9 unit

A “Who Done It” melodrama equaled cash for canines when Exeter’s Faith Tabernacle Church held a special dinner/ drama fundraiser earlier this month.

Pastor Don Demyan said the idea came after he attended a ministers conference with his father-in-law.

“A pastor from Wichita Falls, told how he had raised funds for the local police department to purchase their first police dog,” Demyan said. “We left that meeting and both agreed that if our police department needed a dog, we would be apart of it.”

The Exeter Police Department’s K9 unit is still in its rookie year, but organizations like Faith Tabernacle have been donating to see the program remain strong.

“When I learned earlier this year that Exeter was wanting to acquire canines, I approached our church with the idea of raising funds, which they unanimously agreed, Demyan said.“We felt that a dinner drama was a good way in which to raise funds that did not conflict with other fund raising efforts through out the community.”

The drama was a ‘Who Done It’ melodrama titled,  “The Conundrum On the Cracker Jack Cruise.” The audience had an opportunity to not only participate in the drama, but also try and figure out who done it.”

The event was a success.

“Through ticket sales, Faith Tabernacle underwrote the cost of the event so that all ticket sales went toward the amount donated,” Demyan said. “We had private donors from within the congregation add additional monies to funds raised so we ended up presenting a check for $5000.”

The check was presented to the Exeter Police Department at the Nov. 13 council meeting.

“I believe that K-9’s will not only make Exeter a safer place for families to live but also keep the officers safer,” Demyan said.

Pastor Demyan said the church would like to thank Alejandra’s, Monet’s and East Meets West for helping make the night a success.

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