Parris returns to ‘Voice’ his talent

Rudy Parris came back to perform on the Live finale of “The Voice” last night singing alongside finalist Terry McDermott..

One of “The Voice” finalists, McDermott asked that Parris be brought back to the show stage rather than a celebrity guest. McDermott stated in an online interview that he would prefer to reunite with some of his colleagues from the current season of The Voice.

According to The Examiner Online, McDermott said, “I was such good friends with Rudy Parris – I still am – and I love Rudy’s voice,” he said. “He’s got great energy; he’s a very kind guy. I would love to get on stage with him and actually share the stage with him.”

The Voice finale show which aired on Tuesday, Dec.18 featured a rock and roll hit performed by McDermott alongside Team Blake favorites, Rudy Parris, Michaela Paige as well as Team Adam’s Bryan Keith and Amanda Brown.

Hailing from Visalia and of Native American/Hispanic descent, Rudy’s musical influence stems from B.B. King to Merle Haggard to the “Bakersfield Sound,” named for the city where he did an eight-year residency with Buck Owens at the Crystal Palace.

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