KJUG has faith in new radio format

Faithful fans of classic country, may have noticed their favorite channel has changed to fans of faith.

In December, KJUG 1270 AM switched from Classic County to a religious and inspirational format.

Now known as Living Water Radio, the station airs faith-based programing and inspiring Christian Country Music.

“We felt like the Living Water format was something that would resonate with many people here in the Valley, especially considering the number of Christians we have living here,” said Adam Jeffries, Program Director for KJUG.

For the loyal fans of KJUG-AM 1270 for the older traditional country music, you can still catch some of the classic country on KJUG-FM 106.7 as KJUG will continue the classic country as part of the overall programming and listeners are encouraged to tune in to listen.

KJUG-AM 1270 is still planning to broadcast Visalia Rawhide Baseball games when the single A season opens in Ap


Something Living Water listeners can tune into are 25 and 55 minute programs from local pastors to live call-in shows from national syndicated Christian radio hosts.

“There are no radio jocks,” said Jeffries. “We do have some local programming on the station including programs from

Calvary Chapel Visalia, Tulare Baptist Church and West Visalia Church of Christ.”

The flagship of the new format might be Stephen Arterburn. His interactive talk radio program New Life Live! has been nationally-syndicated since 1985 and is heard on more than 180 radio stations nationwide. Arterburn is also founder and chairman of New Life Ministries – the nation’s largest faith-based broadcast, counseling and treatment ministry and founder of Women of Faith, national conferences attended by more than 3 million women. He also happens to be a Californian, residing in Laguna Beach.

Programs such as “Money Wise” by Howard Dayton helps “people worldwide to faithfully apply God’s financia
principles so they may know Christ more intimately, to be free to serve Him and to help find the Great Commission.”l

Dr. James Dobson brings his “Family Talk” to Living Water Radio. Dr. Dobson is the author of more than 30 books, including his most recent bestseller, Bringing Up Girls. Another big name in Christian radio you can hear is Dr. Charles F. Stanley, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta and founder of “In Touch Ministries.” In Touch “demonstrates a keen awareness of people’s needs by providing practical biblical truths for everyday life.”

For a complete listing of programs and times, visit www.livingwaterradio.net or like Living Water Radio on Facebook.

In addition to KJUG 106.7 FM and 1270 AM, Momentum Broadcasting has continued its formats on 104.9 FM “The Z” and Classic Rock on 99.7.

All four stations will be active in the community by doing a variety of things including concerts, events and on air giveaways.

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