Wedding and Quinceanera Expo returns to Lindsay

Hispanic young ladies have been celebrating Quinceanera for more than 1,000 years. According to, many Latin American societies – including the Inca, the Maya, the Toltec and the Aztec – celebrated an initiation ceremony for young women that was the predecessor to today’s coming of age party.

After the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and Catholic missionaries, Christian customs were added to the ceremonies. The celebration at the altar before indigenous gods turned into a celebration at the Church’s altar, and the traditional dance was replaced by the waltz, according to In the 19th Century, Mexican emperor Maximilian and his wife Carlota incorporated European-style dresses.

Today countries from the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, the Quinceañera celebrations vary. Although the rituals vary by country and family origins, the objective remains the same: the celebration of a young lady entering a new stage in her life, the change from girlhood to adulthood and, with it, the advent of new responsibilities.

Quinceañera (meaning One (f.) who is 15), is the celebration of a girl’s 15 birthday, marking her transition from childhood to young womanhood.

In America, the Quinceañera is an important cultural event for every family within the Latino community. Families work hard to save up for their daughter’s celebration. In order to help local families save on gas and find great deals on everything for their daughters, both those celebrating their 15th birthday or older women preparing for their wedding, Lindsay is holding its second Wedding & Quinceanera Expo.

Presented by the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce and McDermont Field House, the Wedding & Quinceanera Expo will be held from 1-5 p.m. on Sunday, April 7 at McDermont Field House, 365 N. Sweet Brier Ave. in Lindsay.

Yuni Loya, executive assistant at the Lindsay Chamber, said the entire event is free as there is no admission into McDermont Field House for the event and there is no admission to the event once you are inside.

According to the Lindsay Chamber, vendors include local party suppliers, wedding venues, dress boutiques, hair stylists, limo services as well as their counterparts from out of the area. Many booths, including the Chamber and McDermont, will be holding raffles and prize giveaways through the afternoon.

Loya said the first expo was held in September. She said about 14 vendors were there promoting their businesses, offering great deals and giving out raffle prizes, including $2,000-3,000 worth of decorations for either a quinceanera or wedding. Loya said the chamber is hoping to hold the event each spring and fall.

The event is being sponsored by Valleywide Beverages. For information, call the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce at 559-562-4929.

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