2013 Grand Marshal: Leona Urmy

Leona Urmy laughs as she gives her thoughts on rodeo and if it is different after all these years.

“ Always liked Rodeos” she states, “Nothing changes. A roper is a roper and a cowboy is a cowboy.”

She should know. Born with cowboys and horses as a backdrop, Leona has been a part of the local community for over 80 years. Raised in Springville, Leona married her husband Michael in 1948 at a church in Springville. They were together for 50 years before he passed away. They raised 3 children, have 4 grandsons and 2 great grandchildren. Her children, Ronald, Jackie and Robert are proud of their mother and happy she received this honor.

Leona has held various jobs in Springville. She worked for Martin Brothers Trucking in the early years. She remembers her first office was in a wooden crate that one of the trucks had been delivered in. She worked for Springville School for 20 years as the secretary and retired in 1986. She watched her husband wire the original lights for the rodeo arena, climbing to the top of each pole. The crew had neglected to run the wires before they installed the poles.

Since retiring, Leona has been busy with volunteer work. She joined the Springville Historical Society in 2002 and has presided as President for many years. Driving from Porterville every Sunday and Tuesday, she offers tours of the museum. She is also a member of the Camp Nelson Women’s Club and the Porterville Women’s Club. She has volunteered as a pink lady at the hospital and spent many hours during Springville rodeo working in the booths.

Leona says that she is a quiet individual who likes to organize things and volunteer in Springville. “I just float along from year to year, doing whatever comes up” she states.

Leona loves Springville and loves her life in the area. She is a true Springville native and an asset to our town.

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