Local psychic shares her gift

For centuries people have been exploring the gift of clairvoyance. Many who claim to have this sixth sense explain it as having the power to see objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision and say it began when they were children.

For the Porterville Psychic, Becky Lee, she recalls at a very young age feeling the emotions of others strongly, “I could look at someone and feel what they are going through.”

Initially Lee was frighten by this, but after revealing to her mother the emotions she was experiencing, she remembers her mother’s reaction, “I was scared at first but after I told my mother she smiled and said, ‘Okay, now we’re going to show you how to use your gift.”

Lee learned that both her mother and grandmother also possessed this ability.

According to Lee, the gift of clairvoyance is often passed down through generations but is also known to skip generations. In her case, the last four generations of women have all been touched.

For the last twenty years Lee has been honing her gift and, as she states, learning from the best teachers, her mother and grandmother.

“Through guidance and help from my mother I was able to adapt to it,” said Lee.

Becky practices a variety of methods including palm, tarot psychic readings as well as chakra balancing and mediation cleansing. According to the Porterville Psychic, she can help navigate her clients in all areas of their life including: love, marriage, and finance.

She shared that each client is different, thus her methods vary and likens her services to that of a life coach. “Some people are simply seeking advice as they face a crossroad, I’m helping them feel relief,” she went on to say, “I try to help people and I do the best that I can to get the job done.”

Lee does not consider what she does as a job, but rather a gift she has been commissioned to share with the community. She herself was raised in Porterville and spent much of her life in the city before moving to Los Angeles. She eventually relocated back to the Central Valley, living in Tulare for a number of years. Seven months ago, she decided to make Porterville her home once again and opened Porterville Psychic on Plano Street. Lee stated that the community has been welcoming and she is excited to share her gift with her hometown. “This is important to people, it gives knowledge, comfort and support to this in need.”

Porterville Psychic services individuals as well large groups and special events. Becky is located at 428 S. Plano St. in Porterville and can be reached at 559-736-7744. She also has a location in Tulare at 1504 E. Tulare Ave.

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