Miss Exeter Candidate: Natalie Dorch

Hello Exeter! My name is Natalie Dorch and I am seventeen years old and a senior at Exeter Union High School. I have had the privilege of living in this beautiful town for my entire life, just like most of my family. While going through the Exeter school system I have made many good friends and have been influenced by role models who have helped teach me to love and respect my community. They have also helped shape my goals.

My parents, Mark Dorch and Robyn Stearns, have shown me how important it is to help and be involved in your community. At a young age I started volunteering, my first experience in ff-nataliedorchvolunteering was being a part of Exeters Girl Scouts. While in Girl Scouts we went to a retirement home and sang Christmas carols. It was a heartwarming experience that I will never forget. Since then I have also volunteered in the nursery at my church, I have helped with the Exeter Women’s Club Spring and Winter Home Tours and I have enjoyed volunteering at the Exeter Chamber of Commerce Garden Tour. As a teenager I have gone down to Redondo Beach for three years and helped with the beach clean up, Heal the South Bay. While in Redondo Beach for two summers I went through a summer program, Junior Lifeguards. This taught me life saving skills and how to be respectful of anyone I meet no matter where I am. While attending Exeter high school I have been involved in Future Christian Athletes and Key Club. I also have been on Exeter’s swim and waterpolo teams. In my second year of waterpolo I was the JV team Co-captain.

I have a part time job at Á la Mode Fashion Lounge here in Exeter. While working at Á la Mode I have had the pleasure of meeting many tourist from other countries who are traveling through Exeter. I am so proud to be able to talk to them about Exeter and help promote other small businesses in Exeter. Seldon Kempton was a very good friend of my family. He was someone who taught me how important it is to pay it forward as a person. He was a very good example to me of how one person can have such a positive influence on a community.

I am very excited for my senior year at Exeter High School. I’m looking forward to my cross age class where I am able to go to different schools and interact with younger children. I am hoping that this class helps me in pursuing my dream to be a elementary school teacher. I will also be helping at Scicon this year as a counselor. I hope to make this a positive experience for all the children I’m involved with. After highschool I will be attending College of the Sequoias for two years, then I hope to attend UCSB to receive a degree in teaching. I am looking forward to returning to my home in Exeter and working at one of the elementary schools.

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