Exeter pastors join hands to give thanks

Multi-denominational Thanksgiving Service continues Exeter tradition on Nov. 21 at New Life Assembly of God


EXETER – Thanksgiving is the only holiday that seems to have kept its original purpose – the gathering of people to celebrate the bountiful blessings in their lives. Unlike Christmas and Easter, there are no gifts or mythical gift givers. Halloween, which originated as a harvest festival, is but a semblance of itself featuring commercial candy, while Thanksgiving centers around a home-cooked meal. It is a religious holiday even for those without religion. It is a harvest festival even for those who have never witnessed a harvest. It is one of the few American holidays that is native to America.

Little is known about the first Thanksgiving between Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe at Plymouth, but for the Pilgrims it was a faith-based celebration thanking God for sending them the native tribe and preventing starvation in the brutal New England winter of 1621.

Churches and faith-based organizations in Exeter continue the tradition of hosting a Thanksgiving Meal and inviting anyone from the community, regardless of their religious or non-religious beliefs, to come for fellowship and to give God thanks for their blessings.

The Exeter Ministerial Association, a collection of Christian denominations throughout Exeter, will gather for a Community Thanksgiving Service and meal on Tuesday, Nov. 21. The service will begin at 6 p.m. at the New Life Assembly of God, 525 E. Palm St. in Exeter. The gathering is free to the public as attendees are only asked to bring a traditional Thanksgiving dish and the Ministerial Association will provide the meat selections.

Following the meal, Exeter’s newest pastor in town will bring a Thanksgiving message during a time of worship. Larry Folkner’s sermon, “How Thankful Are You?”, will discuss Luke 17:11-19. Folkner recently replaced pastor DeWayne L. “Bud” Mayabb as pastor of the Exeter Church of God located at 200 S. G St. Mayabb retired in August after serving the community for 44 years.

For more information call Glenn Stout, pastor of the New Life Assembly and current Exeter Ministerial Association president, at 559-592-2609.

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