Miss Exeter Candidate: Ann Hirni

Sponsored By Exeter Lions Club

My dad always tells me before I leave the house, “Remember who you are, and what you represent.” When I was young, I didn’t understand what he meant. As I’ve grown up I have come to realize the true meaning behind his words. Wherever I go I am not just representing myself, but I have my parents, grandparents, and extended family to think about. My grandparents and parents have shared with me stories of positive impressions I’ve made on others. This makes me proud because the people of Exeter have always been special to me.

My family has lived in Exeter since the 1920s. My grandpa, Mickey and grandma, Wilma have both lived in Exeter for the majority of their lives. They went through the Exeter school system and graduated from Exeter Union High School. Knowing my grandparents walked the brick lined halls makes going to EUHS so much more special. My freshman year I entered high school as a honors student, and successfully ran for freshman class vice president. I was a part of junior varsity water polo and swimming. At the end of my water polo season I suffered a concussion that sidelined me in basketball during the winter. Instead of moping on the bench, I volunteered as the bookkeeper. I also played flute for the Monarch Marching Band. During Symphonic season my band teacher, Mr. Clague, needed another French horn player so I switched and fell in love with the instrument.

My sophomore year I made varsity water polo where under coach Patrick Hendricks we finished as undefeated champions. That year I played on the JV basketball team and the following season swam breaststroke for our varsity swim team. During the summer of 2017 I volunteered for a second year as a coach for the Exeter Eels under Ashley Howell. I loved learning from the kids as the kids learned from me. At the end of the summer I also got hired at my current job at the White Horse Inn, a beautiful wedding venue in Three Rivers. Starting my junior year I continued as first chair french horn. I continued on varsity water polo as a starting player. My JV basketball team went undefeated. I swam again this year in the 200 freestyle on varsity.

My summer going into my senior year I worked at the White Horse Inn and played water polo as much as I could. I attended a week-long Pepperdine water polo camp. I continued my fourth year in the Monarch Band playing French horn. I am still playing water polo on varsity and I’m looking forward to taking a leadership role

Once I graduate from Exeter Union High School I plan on going to California State University, Sonoma, my dream school. I would like to continue playing water polo at either the Division II level or on a club team. I want to graduate with a math or pre-med focus and continue to a dentistry school where I will graduate with a specialty school to become an orthodontist. My goal is to own my own practice.

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