Miss Exeter Candidate: Dalilah Andalon

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My name is Dalilah Andalon. I am 17 years old, and currently attending Exeter High School as a Senior this year and it is my busiest year yet. Every summer I work in the fields from 4 a.m. to around 1 p.m. in the afternoon with my mother Virginia Mendez and my two brothers. We have our own family business called “Mendez Budding and Grafting”. I have been working with my mother, doing this difficult job since I was in the fifth grade. My mother Virginia has taught me so much discipline and to work hard for what I earn.

During my busy school year, I spend all of my time in extracurricular activities like Dance, Tennis, and FCA. I am a dancer at Exeter City Dance, and I do all different types of dance including ballet, tumbling, lyrical, tap, jazz, and competition dance. In February I competed as a dance soloist in Fresno and won second place. I have been dancing since the age of 4, and I will still continue in college. I also play tennis. Tennis is a really fun sport especially when your playing with all your friends and having some of the greatest coaches around to be there for you and support you in everything you do. I am also involved in the club Fellow Christian Athletes at school.  FCA is a religious club where all the girls at school are invited to hear the great messages about God every Wednesday, and at the end of the month all the boys, girls, and staff are invited to gather in the Exeter’s Women’s Club to hear a guest speaker deliver a religious message.

I applied for Miss Exeter because I wanted to participate in this special program where a kind organization donates money and gives a huge opportunity to young girls with big goals like me to go on to college and accomplish them. My mom tells me to always give my best in school. Having to experience how hard field work is makes me push myself in school by taking as many college classes as I can while I am in high school to graduate with college credit and get ahead to make a difference in this world.

Ever since I was little, I always looked up to my older brother Julian Andalon who is attending Fresno State with a 4.0. Not only is Julian my brother but my best friend and my inspiration. He pushes me to do my best in everything I do.  My plans after I graduate high school are to attend the California State University of Monterey Bay and major in Biology to become a veterinarian. I have a huge heart for all animals. I wish to own my own business and be very successful.

I am a very outgoing girl, who wants to chase her dreams and be a go-getter. But nothing gets handed to you. I believe if you work hard for what you want, anything is possible.

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