Old Timers Reunion

A 90-year tradition will continue this Fall Festival during the Exeter “Old Timers Reunion” on Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Exeter Memorial Building.

In order to be classified as an “Exeter Old Timer” you must have been born in Exeter 50 years ago or have lived in Exeter for 50 years or more. Awards are given to the oldest EUHS graduate man and woman, and to the oldest man and woman in attendance.

Jack and Rena Carey started the “Exeter Old Timers” in 1935. Then in 1971 Stan and Virginia Cosart managed the event until 1981. Jerri and Vivian Runciman then took over in 1982 and managed the event until 2002. Mickey and Wilma Hirini then took it over in 2003 and managed the event until 2013. George and Linda McEwen took charge in 2014.

Doors open at 11 a.m. for registration and lunch will be served at noon. Registration information can be obtained from George McEwen at 559-804-4040 or george@mcewen.com. You can atso contact Wilma Hirini at 559-592-3434.

Each fall, the reunion highlights a graduating class from Exeter Union High School on its 50th anniversary. This year the class of 1968 will be honored. Classmates can call Carol Crosson for information and registration data. Her telephone number is 592-5757. A special table is set up for the class of 1968 and highlights of their four years at EUHS will be shared. All classmates will be introduced.

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