2019 Miss Exeter candidate Haylee McFall, sponsored by Tricia Kirksey Real Estate Group

“Forever A Monarch” has become a statement I’m proud to represent. Dating back to my great-great grandmother, Mary Wirht, who was part of one of the first graduating classes at EUHS, our family started that motto, generations before Exeter adopted it as our own. As of the 2020 graduation, I will be the 5th generation from my family to receive an EUHS diploma. Hello, I am Haylee McFall and I am honored to be a part of the 2019-2020 Ms. Exeter Court.

As I enter my senior year at Exeter High School, and my 12th year through the Exeter School District, there are a plethora of accolades that I truly feel set me apart from my peers. So far, I have tallied a total of 150 hours of community service. Of those hours, 102 have been completed through the City of Exeter’s Rec League. Personally, I hold those hours as some of my favorite memories and teaching points, as coaching and refereeing for second through eighth grade kids requires both patience and the ability to mentor. Beyond those athletic commitment is the choice I made in the beginning of my Junior year to tutor freshman math.

Every Wednesday from, roughly, 1-3 I spent in the high school cafeteria for the first four months helping my peers understand the math they were having trouble with. Although I was earning minimum wage, the paycheck at the end of the month did not fuel my hours spent with them.

Academically, I have centered myself around pushing my limits with AP courses. Freshman year I took three advanced courses, with a GPA of 4.0, my sophomore year I took AP Biology and two other advanced courses, with a GPA of 4.1, and last year I took AP English to end with a total GPA of 4.3 for all three years. However, I plan to expand even further for this upcoming year, as I have enrolled in both 3 AP courses and two dual-enrollment courses. Although it seems hard enough to balance those classes as it is, I have played a total of eight seasons of sports to throw into the bunch. In addition to both my academics and athletics, I was granted the honor of being involved in EUHS’ incredible Leadership class. By balancing this year-round schedule of academics, athletics and extracurriculars, high school has definitely taught me discipline and dedication to my end goal.

After I graduate, I plan to move to the coast and attend a four-year university to major in math and science. After earning my masters, I plan on attending a dental school and acquiring my D.D.S. and move on to a specialty school and residency in orthodontics to eventually become an orthodontist.

Without the life I have had here in Exeter, with two amazing parents, three supportive siblings, and the endless amount of friends and family in my corner, I would not have had the aspirations I do today. It would be a great honor to represent the town that raised me and the multiple generations from both sides of my family that grounded me here with deep roots. Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to being a part of the court and participating in all the events this program has to offer.

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