Exeter native publishes first novel

Carolyn R. Roberts releases debut science fiction novel “Valeria and the Enemy of Time”

The Sun-Gazette

EXETER – A new novelist with local roots offers a time-traveling tale that begins with a scene right out of her childhood in Lemon Cove just east of Exeter. 

Carolyn R. Roberts announced the release of her debut novel, “Valeria  and the Enemy of Time,” last month by having a book release held at the Exeter Chamber of Commerce Lawn.  

Carolyn R. Roberts

The Exeter Chamber’s newest member’s book features a middle-school age girl, Valeria, who would just like things to get back to normal after being involved in a bus wreck on her way to school. Her bruises were finally fading and she was starting to shake the bad dreams. But dangerous adventures were just starting. While enjoying a family birthday party a week later, in spite of the thick tule fog outside, Valeria decided to slip out of the house and fetch a bag of oranges from the grove outside. Even though she knew her property like the back of her hand, she became lost and turned around, and that was when Valeria knew that things were not normal, and they might not be normal again for a long while. 

Somehow, Earth’s timeline was being deformed. Valeria and her best friend, Theo, must use a mysterious token to travel to Italy 1349—the time of the Black Death. They needed to save a little girl who wasn’t supposed to die and set the present time right again. But when calamity strikes in the middle of their journey, Valeria must continue alone, finding the courage within herself to save the little girl and defeat the Enemy of Time before her life and future change forever.

Carolyn is a native of Exeter and grew up in Lemon Cove. Her home was surrounded by orange groves and foothills, which became her playground. She and her siblings and neighborhood friends spent many hours playing in the groves, climbing the hills, riding bikes, catching tadpoles, and exploring. Her book is rich with the feel of a childhood spent nestled in the heart of Tulare County, and many details are inspired by her own experiences, including the 1975 foggy morning EUHS school bus accident.

Carolyn attended Sequoia Union Elementary School and graduated from Exeter Union High School. Sher and her husband Wes Faubel currently reside in Redding, Calif. She considers herself a grown-up who still gets captivated by children’s books, especially adventure books with magic, danger, and time-travel. A life-long love of creating and writing moved her to pen her first novel, an adventure book featuring a strong female character.

Although the book is targeted for middle-schoolers, it is also a page-turner for adults who enjoy adventure with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. Valeria and the Enemy of Time, is available for purchase on Amazon at the present time.

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