Send your valentine ‘Positive Vibes’

Handmade gifts available at closing reception for Positive Vibes exhibit at Exeter Courthouse Gallery on Sunday

The Sun-Gazette

EXETER – The best way to make your valentine feel special is to get them something unique. So instead of stroking your keyboard to look for some mass produced gift why not head to the Courthouse Gallery in Exeter and peruse hand-made gifts made by local artisans. 

“Heart” by Mary Randol. Image courtesy fo Exeter Courthouse Gallery.

The gallery will be holding a closing reception for its current show “Positive Vibes,” from 2-4 p.m. this Sunday, Feb. 9. The show opened on Jan. 12 with a drum circle, gallery cleansing, peace meditation, makers market and wonderful vegetarian and vegan fare from Raw Fresno and Precision Prep. 

The closing reception is the second phase of the exhibit where local artists will return to share their wares to woo the love of your life. Handmade jewelry, perfumes and oils, crystals and stones to bring love to your life. The art they have hanging in the gallery also is affordable and wonderful gifts for your special someone. During the reception there will be a “Chocolate Bar” with a bevy of chocolate treats to tempt your libido. The gallery is located at 125 S. B St. in Exeter. 

Coming up in March we will be featuring the watercolors of Julie Raymer of Fresno. Julie was born and raised in the Bay Area. She attended San Jose State University working towards a degree in art when, after two years, she left to go to work for the phone company. While working Julie met her husband Dan, they married, had their first child and moved to Fresno to raise their family. Her art was set aside while raising their children and when they left the nest to start their own lives, Julie’s husband encouraged her to take up art again. She took his advice and in 2014 she jumped back into art after 35 years after being inspired on a solo artist’s retreat. 

Julie began drawing and painting watercolors and has continued to improve and perfect her style over the last six years. She is a member of the Alliance of California Artists (ACA), Clovis Art Guild, Madera Arts Council and recently has opened a studio space at Sorenson’s Studios in Fresno. She sold 3 pieces within the first weekend of opening her space the gallery is hoping she will sell that well during the exhibit in Exeter. A reception for Julie will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 8 at the gallery.

Some of gallery’s future shows will be lovely acrylic works, ocean scenes and abstracts by Tamara Bettencourt in May and June, and nature works by sculpture William Bishop and acrylic paintings by Susan Bishop in July and August. Keep updated on the gallery happenings online at

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