Reservations required for 2021 camping season

National Parks Service announces that campers will need reservations as camping sights begin to reopen this year

SEQUOIA AND KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARKS – Summer is on the horizon and with the more dangerous aspects of the pandemic tapering off, people are ready to enjoy the cooler parts of the great outdoors. And last week Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks announced that camping reservations will soon be open.

According to the National Parks Service, preparations are underway to reopen campgrounds in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks for the 2021 summer season. In 2020, many campgrounds remained closed, or opened with limited capacity, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know that many people have been coming to these parks for years and years, and look forward to their camping trips all year long, while many others are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to visit and camp for the first time,” superintendent Clay Jordan said. “Park employees are working diligently to make campgrounds safe for campers and provide the dates that people need to plan their trips.”

For the 2021 summer season, campgrounds will require advance reservations through, which can be made up to one month in advance. This change is intended to ensure proper COVID-19 mitigations and allow campers to plan with more accurate information about campsite availability. To cover online processing costs, fees for campgrounds newly added to will increase to $22 per night, an average increase of $4 from previous years.

Current and Upcoming Campground Availability:

  • Azalea Campground is currently open in Kings Canyon National Park, with 19 sites available on a first-come, first served basis. Azalea is scheduled to open at full capacity on May 26, 2021, at which time it will switch to reservation-only.
  • Potwisha Campground is currently open in Sequoia National Park at 50% capacity, and will transition to 100% capacity on March 31, 2021. All campsites in Potwisha Campground are reservation-only, a change from previous years.
  • Buckeye Flat Campground, in Sequoia National Park, will open for the season on March 31, 2021.
  • Sentinel Campground, in Kings Canyon National Park, is scheduled to open for the season on April 23, 2021.
  • Lodgepole Campground, in Sequoia National Park, is scheduled to partially open for the season on April 21, 2021.

As spring continues, more campsites and campgrounds will reopen throughout the parks. Atwell Mill Campground in Mineral King and Dorst Creek Campground in Lodgepole will remain closed for the 2021 season due to hazard trees.

Scheduled campground opening dates are subject to change. As campground opening dates and other information become available, it will be posted on the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks web site. Check regularly for updates at To make reservations, explore campsite availability, or modify an existing reservation, search for “Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks” on, or call the web site using the numbers listed under their “Contact Us” section.

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