First Lutheran is searching for ‘Hambassadors’ this Thanksgiving

First Lutheran of Tulare sets goal of $17,000 to pay for 1,000 canned hams to give to homeless residents and other needy families

TULARE – The holidays are a good time to be an ambassador for change, but the First Lutheran Church of Tulare is asking people to be “hambassadors” instead.

With the homeless population growing in Tulare, as well as other places in the county, First Lutheran is encouraging people to donate to their canned ham cause this Thanksgiving. The church states on their GoFundMe page that more than 199 homeless residents live in Tulare, and many of them are food insecure.

“A trip out to J Street will prove to be an eye opener. Just west of the rail road tracks near Cross Avenue are a tent city with upwards of 200 souls living there. A trip across town on the Santa Fe Trail will show many gatherings of homeless folks and their meager shelters,” the page states.

The church estimates there are as many as 2,000 families who are also struggling with hunger, and one in four children facing food insecurity, in Tulare. In order to help feed them and the homeless this year First Lutheran is attempting to gather 1,000 canned hams estimated to cost $17 each, and has set a goal of $17,000 on their page.

“You might ask, ‘why a ham and not a traditional turkey?’ Good question. Many of those folks living in a tent city, under a bridge, on an on-ramp, in all likelihood have no way to cook a turkey. A canned ham is already cooked. You need only open it and eat,” the church states.

As of Monday, Oct. 18 the page had gathered $545 in donations. Potential donors and volunteers toward the effort can contact Dan Harp, at 559-972-9579 or email him at [email protected]

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