Find out ‘Whose Line’ it is at the Fox

Current cast members of the Emmy-nominated TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” are performing at the Visalia Fox Theater in February in their tour show Whose Live Anyway?

VISALIA – The Visalia Fox Theatre brings a wide variety of entertainment to the county and in the next few months, individuals can get a taste of that variety all in one show. 

In February, Visalia will be visited by the cast of the television series Who’s Line is it Anyway, ready to perform their usual improv shenanigans live at the Visalia Fox Theatre. On Feb. 18,  Joel Murray, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops and Jeff B. Davis will be performing “Whose Live Anyway?”at 7:30 p.m., with doors opening at 6:30 p.m.  

“[The show] is way more interesting live, it’s way more interactive and there’s a lot more energy. So I just think it’s 10 times more fun live,” comedian Greg Proops said. “We work hard, we work hard to get you and we don’t goof around.”

The tour showcases some of the improv games made famous on the long-running TV show as well as some exciting new ones, featuring musical direction by Bob Derkach. The focus on audience participation makes each show unique. 

According to Proops, some familiar games they will play with the help of the audience are “sound effects,” where audience members help out by providing sound effects throughout a skit. Another familiar game is “moving people,” where cast members act out a scene, but are unable to move except by the hand of two audience members moving them. Another game audience members could look for is “greatest hits,” where cast members create and perform a song about a topic provided by the audience.

Audience participation ranges from simple suggestions to maybe even being asked to come up on stage. Proops said the energy ranges from location to location and the group does their best to receive an encore each night. The group chooses the games, and the audience chooses the topics for each.

“We choose the games we play and the audience has to suffer through,” Proops said.

As the group travels throughout the states, they don’t have a lot of free time. The time they have to rest is usually when they are on the road. Proops said his favorite part of the tour is the show, and when he is on stage with his fellow cast members. 

“The show is a whale of a time, we make each other laugh and I sing and we lay on the floor, we do vaudeville, we do physical comedy, so it’s really fun,” Proops said. “I look forward to the show.”

The Who’s Live tour picked back up after the pandemic. According to Proops, the turnout for audience members at their shows has been better than the group expected. This year they have sold out shows in Iowa, New York City, Chicago and more. This year’s tour will be completed in December, but it will pick back up again sometime next year.

“I thought that comedy was over, and no one would ever want to laugh again during the lockdown, and my wife was right, she said, ‘No, people will want to come’,” Proops said. “[We’ve had a] really good turnout. We can’t sell enough tickets.”

All ages are welcomed, but parents should note that some “PG-13” language will be used during the performance. Tickets are on sale now ranging from $54 to $64. Go to, call 559-625-1369 or stop by The Fox Office to purchase tickets. 

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