Miss Exeter Candidate Essay: Shelby Guinn

Shelby Guinn
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My name is Shelby Guinn, I am 18 years old and I am currently a senior at Exeter Union High School. I have lived in Exeter all my life, with my parents Kenneth, or as some of you may know him – Bo, and Jennifer and my older sister Katelyn Guinn. I hope to live here for many more years to come. I love living in Exeter because of the community and the traditions that this town is known for. I also love the small town charm that Exeter has. Everyone knows everyone in this small town. If you are new to this town, spend just 15 minutes walking downtown and you will feel like you have lived here your entire life.

I cheered for 10 years, first joining cheerleading in 2006 when I was in preschool. I started on the Exeter Youth Cheerleading squad and cheered one year on JV and one year on Varsity for the high school. One of my favorite things about High School cheer was when we did Mini Monarchs. We would have young girls that were interested in doing cheer practice with the high school for a week and then perform at the football game that Friday night. I loved watching the little girls get excited about cheering with us older girls. In addition to cheer, I did Exeter City Dance, City League softball for 2 years, City League Basketball for 2 years, City League Volleyball for 1 year, and my freshman year I played on the High School JV softball team.

My sophomore year I decided to venture out and try something new. I decided to leave cheer to focus more on my career goals, and join FFA – Future Farmers of America. I showed a lamb at the Tulare County Fair, and I received 1st in my class, 4th overall and received Grand Champion in market. My junior year I ended up raising 2 lambs, one for showmanship, and the other for market. This is my 3rd and final year raising a lamb. Showing a lamb at Fair has been a great learning experience. Some of the things I can definitely take from this experience would be responsibility, time management, work ethics, and patience. I participated in Opening/Closing Ceremony competitions. I received Outstanding Secretary. Since joining FFA I have received my Green Hand, Chapter and State Degrees. I am actively working towards receiving my American Degree after high school.

Joining FFA is where I learned that my passion is for animals. After high school I plan to attend college to become a large animal veterinarian.  The biggest goal for my future is to graduate from college and become successful, not only in my career but my life. Some people think that being successful means living in a large house, making lots of money. But for me it means having my loved ones surrounding me, no matter what I do as a career. My parents have always told me to work hard for the things you want in life.

I am excited for my senior year at Exeter Union High School. I look forward to my 2nd year of Animal Science, as this will help me with my career choice. I will also be spending a week in SCICON as a counselor. I hope to be a positive influence on the students there.

I can’t wait to start this new journey in my life. I hope to make many new memories with old and new friends. I look forward to representing the community of Exeter, my hometown, with my fellow friends and peers. Thank you for your time and consideration!


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